1. Profit Realisation Report : Coinsburg's best attainment till date with growth over 143% ROI. Consists of commendable 111 trades within a span of one year

  2. Major Profit Coin contributors : Our great players in Coins and their contribution towards profit.

  3. Last Quarter performance : Coinsburg's paramount quarterly performance on a bear market.

Exchange Average Risk% / Trade Average Investment% / Trade (from portfolio) Average risk / Trade to the portfolio Net profit made to the account
BINANCE 8.13 2.40 0.20% 19.19%
BITTREX 9.31 2.50 0.23% 14.73%

From the above table it shows that,

  • An average of 2.45% from the portfolio is used as an investment per trade at an average risk of 8.72%

  • The net risk to the portfolio is 0.215% per trade which is pretty well below the general market limit which is 2% portfolio risk per trade.

  • Average profit made to the portfolio is 16.96%.

Profit Realisation Report

Last Quarter performance

Trade History Screenshot

We maintain a good track record in trade history to support our data. Below is one such example


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